Opening Doors

You are the key to


Please join Douglas County Libraries (DCL) Foundation on Colorado Gives Day to help open doors for the future. When you schedule your donation for Tuesday, December 7, your gift goes further thanks to the $1.6 Million Incentive Fund made possible by Community First Foundation and other community members.
The DCL Foundation works to open doors through its support of vital library programs and services that reach youth, adults and families in Douglas County and across Colorado. DCL served our community during the pandemic by remaining open, providing vital connections to residents in senior living communities, continuing the Summer Reading tradition, delivering library materials and services to customers, and supporting the education goals of our neighbors. Our generous donors are key to making these and other programs and services possible. You are the key to opening doors...

To Opportunity

DCL Summer Reading and Reading Buddies give kids the opportunity to build a strong foundation in literacy and achieve school success
key $165 can help budding readers
"My son was below grade level for reading. This [program] encouraged him to read, and he tested at grade level for the start of the year." – Summer Reading parent

To Discovery

Camp DCL scholarships give kids the chance to discover what they love and gain confidence
key $250 can fund a Camp DCL scholarship
"Liam has had a hard year ... This camp was a shining light for him. He grew in new ways and we have new friends to play with." – Susan J., Camp DCL scholarship recipient

To Possibilities

Our GED and Career Online High School scholarships help individuals achieve their education goals, unlocking a world of possibilities
key $50 can fund a GED test
"I learned how much I was capable of, and I found such strength and encouragement in overcoming my obstacles." – Kelly Jo N., GED graduate

To Social Connection

DCL's Senior Connection initiative connected isolated individuals in senior living communities with teen pen pals and library materials during the pandemic
key $100 can fund a lifelong learning event
"We are overwhelmed! It’s something our residents truly miss during 'safe at home.'" – Vi at Highlands Ranch senior living community staffer

To Creating Warm Memories

DCL Events and celebrations bring families and neighbors together in their community
key $10 can help support a non-fee event
"This was an amazing event that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. It was wonderful for my husband and I to watch her delight in each step!" – Fairy Tale Ball guest

To a Lifelong Love of Reading and Learning

Cuddle Up & Read introduces new parents and their babies to the library and early literacy
key $150 can fund 10 Cuddle Up & Read packages
"Thanks for the Cuddle Up & Read newborn gift. Little Griffin can’t wait for Storytime!" – Chelsea R.
You are the key. Please help us to continue opening doors for the future by giving on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 7.