DCL Proctoring


  • We cannot guarantee that the proctor for your exam has a Master of Library Science degree.
  • We must receive written confirmation from your school that it accepts our requirements and/or we must have approved your school’s proctoring requirements.
  • Please check your school's monitoring requirements before completing a proctoring request. Our proctors are unable to continuously monitor your testing.
  • Secure storage is not available for personal items.
  • Please provide the exam to your assigned proctor at least 48 hours prior to your proctoring appointment.
  • Please present a current photo ID before each exam. For minors who don’t have one, a parent or legal guardian with a photo ID must be present.
  • Proctors cannot provide your school with their personal identification numbers (e.g., Social Security numbers, including the last four digits; driver's license numbers; employee ID numbers).
  • We can scan/email completed exams to your school, free of charge. Students are responsible for all costs if returning the exam by mail.
  • We cannot fax exams.