Camp DCL

June 4-August 3

Camp DCL's half-day summer camps provide unique learning experiences and hands-on fun for kids ages 6-12, giving them the chance to discover what they love. All camps include supplies and daily snack.

What will you be?

Be a Scientist

Be an Astronaut
Ages 6-12, $200

Do you have the "Wright" stuff? This weeklong, half-day Space & Flight Academy camp with instructors from Mad Science is all about aerodynamics, the science of flight, and more!

Be an Inventor
Ages 6-12, $200

Eureka! Put your imagination and skills to the test in this weeklong, half-day camp with instructors from Mad Science. We'll explore famous inventions and make a few inventions of our own!

Be a Master Super Hero Engineer
Ages 7-12, $165

Save the world with LEGO Super Heroes! Design and build hideouts and vehicles for your favorite caped crusaders with an experienced Play-Well instructor in this weeklong, half-day camp celebrating ingenuity and imagination.

Be a Ninjaneer
Ages 7-12, $165

Master the world of Ninjago: Tame the Ice Dragon, motorize a Blade Cycle, design a Dark Fortress, and hone your Spinjitzu battle skills! In this advanced, weeklong, half-day LEGO camp with an instructor from Play-Well, campers will learn real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture.
Be an Artist

Be an Artist: Comic Book Heroes
Ages 6-12, $185

Comic Book Hero Costume Fashion Design is the focus of this weeklong, half-day camp with instructors from Imagine Arts Academy. Campers will learn to draw super heroes in action poses, plus the basics of textiles and costuming to kick-start the ultimate comic book star!

Be an Artist: Magic
Ages 6-12, $165

Presto! In this weeklong, half-day camp with instructors from KidzArt, campers will use a variety of fun art materials and methods, from simple sculpture to "painting" with the sun, to create magical scenes and do magic tricks.

Be an Artist: Builder
Ages 6-12, $185

Explore the art of building with experts from Craftsman & Apprentice. Campers will make toys using tools, wood, wheels, recycled materials and needlecraft, and design games and activities. They can also sell their creations at a kid-run market on the last day.
Be a Chef

Be a Chef: Basic Training Baking Boot Camp
Ages 6-12, $165

In this weeklong, half-day Basic Training Baking Boot Camp with instructors from Sticky Fingers Cooking, aspiring bakers will learn the basics of sweet and savory scratch-baking, including bread, cookies, muffins, pastries and more.
  • Monday, June 11-Friday, June 15, 1:30-5PM, Lone Tree — SOLD OUT
  • Monday, July 9-Friday, July 13, 1:30-5PM, Highlands Ranch — SOLD OUT
  • Monday, July 23-Friday, July 27, 1:30-5PM, Castle Rock — SOLD OUT

Be a Chef: The Breakfast Club
Ages 6-12, $165

Join The Breakfast Club and instructors from Sticky Fingers Cooking and make a new favorite breakfast recipe each day. Upside Down Pineapple Pancakes + Kid-Made Brown Sugar Butter + Pineapple Slushies = Oh, my!
  • Monday, June 4-Friday, June 8, 9AM-12:30PM, Roxborough — SOLD OUT
  • Monday, June 18-Friday, June 22, 9AM-12:30PM, Parker — SOLD OUT
  • Monday, June 25-Friday June 29, 9AM-12:30PM, Castle Pines — SOLD OUT

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