Camp DCL

Summer Camps

June 7-August 6

Kids ages 4-11 can experience out-of-this-world fun at Camp DCL this summer! Choose from weeklong half-day camps or full-day camps at select locations (at a 10% discount). Full-day campers will stay at their camp location each day and must bring a nut-free lunch daily.

Highlands Ranch Camps

Highlands Ranch

High-Flying Catapults Engineering Camp

August 2-6, 1-4:30PM
Ages 5-10, $215

Throw things—really, really far—with catapults, trebuchets and cannons! Campers will build a working tabletop wooden trebuchet and explore Newton's laws of motion, play with a mini basketball catapult, and float flying Frisbees on our golf course. How about some terrific target practice with a marshmallow blaster? We’ll do that too! Things will be whizzing through the air all week. Facilitated by professionals from Science Matters.