Camp DCL

Policies & Procedures

This document may change at any time at the discretion of Douglas County Libraries (DCL). Parents or guardians of registrants for upcoming Camps will be notified of changes in service, policies or procedures via email, letter or phone.

Library staff answer this phone number during DCL operating hours: 303-791-7323. For non-emergency communication, please call Kristen Kallio at 303-688-7627 or Kerri Morgan at 303-688-7628.

  1. Minimum/Maximum Ages
  2. Children attending Camp DCL must be between the ages of 4 and 12 years old (children age 4 will need to be either enrolled in kindergarten or accustomed to an all-day school-type setting).

  3. Services for Special Needs Children
  4. DCL will make a reasonable effort to accommodate/integrate special needs children into Camp DCL. You must disclose any special needs or behavioral issues on the registration form. Camp staff will assess individual cases for staffing requirements and accessibility before approving. Sign language interpreters may be provided with adequate notice. DCL will comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination provisions.

  5. Hours of Operation
  6. Summer Camps: Each DCL Camp runs for one week, Monday-Friday, during regular business hours.

    • Morning Sessions: Start time is 9 a.m. Drop-off is not permitted before 9 a.m. End time is 12:00 p.m. Children must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after conclusion of the day’s session.
    • Afternoon Sessions: Start time is 1:00 p.m. Drop-off is permitted no earlier than 12:45 p.m. End time is 4:00 p.m. Children must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after conclusion of the day’s session.
    • Full-Day Sessions: Start time is 9 a.m. Drop-off is not permitted before 9 a.m. End time is 4:00 p.m. Children must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after conclusion of the day’s session.

    Day Camps: Each DCL Day Camp runs for a single day or as multi-day packs, during regular business hours.

    • Full-Day Sessions: Start time is 9 a.m. Drop-off is not permitted before 9 a.m. End time is 4 p.m. Children must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after conclusion of the day’s session.
  7. Late Pickup
  8. Parents must sign out child(ren) within 15 minutes of the Camp’s conclusion. Failure to pick up within the allotted time will result in a late fee of $1 per minute, per child.

    After 15 minutes have passed following the Camp’s conclusion, staff will phone the child’s parent, leaving a message if necessary. After 30 minutes, if parents are not reached in person, the authorized emergency contact will be called to pick up the child. In an emergency, the child may also be released to an adult for whom the child’s parent or guardian has given verbal authorization. If the staff member who releases the child does not know the adult, identification will be required to ensure that the adult is authorized by the child’s parent/guardian to pick him/her up.

    If child(ren) are not picked up after 30 minutes past the end of Camp and no provisions have been secured with parents or authorized emergency contacts, Camp staff will contact local law enforcement and release child(ren) to law enforcement personnel.

    At the end of any Camp, staff members will reference the sign-in/out sheet and ensure that all children participating that day have been picked up by an authorized adult.

  9. Late Arrivals
  10. If you anticipate arriving late for the start of Camp, please text the main contact person noted in your pre-Camp informational email with the following information:

    • Name of child
    • Location of Camp
    • Estimated time of arrival
  11. Weather
  12. Provisions will be made for indoor activities in case of inclement or excessively hot weather. Children are encouraged to bring appropriate clothes (including hats, rain jackets, and closed-toe shoes) and a water bottle.

    • Severe Weather: In the event of severe weather, Camp staff will follow DCL policies and procedures for sheltering-in-place. If necessary, parents will be notified once the immediate threat has passed.
    • Snow Closures or Late Starts: DCL will make every reasonable effort to continue Camp sessions in inclement weather. Adjustments to start and end times, in addition to closures, will be communicated by email no later than 7:30 a.m. Camp may continue even through a library closure, so please check email for the latest updates.
    • Emergency Dismissal: If the library needs to be evacuated or bad weather is moving in, we will call and email each camper’s contact and provide an update regarding pickup time. A staff member will wait with the children until they are safely picked up.
  13. Admission and Registration
  14. Registration is secured when DCL receives completed registration forms, along with full payment for each session. Children are admitted to Camp at their designated session only after all required forms have been submitted and a parent or guardian has received a copy of Camp policies and procedures.

  15. Fees
  16. Camp fees vary based on content and materials. Fees are subject to change.

    • Deposits, Cancellations and Refunds: Cancellations made up to three business days prior to Camp start will be eligible for a full refund, minus a $25 service charge. No refund is given for cancellations with fewer than three business days’ notice. Full refund will be given if DCL cancels a Camp for any reason. In the event of a DCL-initiated cancellation, parents or guardians will be notified by email or phone. Parents wishing to withdraw a child from Camp should provide written notification via email. 
  17. Sign-In/Out Procedures
  18. For security purposes, a sign-in and sign-out sheet for parents and guardians will be maintained daily for each Camp. It will include:

    • Date, child’s name, notes (including allergies, approved caregivers, etc.), and parent or guardian’s initials daily.

    A parent or guardian must sign each child in and out each day; outside drop-off is not permitted. Please walk your child into the Camp classroom daily, and return to the room for pickup. Children will not be released from Camp without a parent, guardian, or approved caregiver present.

  19. Discipline
  20. Parents shall advise Camp staff via the registration form of any unique disciplinary issues. Any necessary discipline will be appropriate and constructive or educational in nature, and may include such measures as diversion, withholding privileges, separation of the child from the problem situation(s), and/or talking with the child about the situation(s).

    A child whose behaviors are disruptive, inappropriate or unsafe for a library, such as screaming, running, jumping off furniture, misusing Camp/library equipment, verbally or physically mistreating other campers or staff/volunteers, etc., will be subject to the following disciplinary protocol:

    • First Offense: Verbal warning
    • Second Offense: Supervised separation/“time out”
    • Third Offense: Parent contact/pickup

    If inappropriate behavior continues for multiple Camp days, DCL staff may contact the parent or guardian to create a behavioral plan, which may include removal from remaining Camp days. Refunds will not be given in the case of disciplinary removal.

    The Camp will not use—or permit a staff person or child to use—corporal or other harsh punishment, including but not limited to pinching, shaking, spanking, punching, biting, kicking, rough handling, hair pulling, or any humiliating or frightening method of discipline.

  21. Illness, Accidents and Injuries
  22. Written authorization for emergency medical care must be provided during registration and will be kept in the child’s file. Parents must provide contact numbers for themselves, as well as the child’s primary care physician.

    • Childhood Illness: Any child showing signs of severe or communicable illness will be separated from other campers, and the parent or guardian will be notified to pick him or her up.
    • COVID-19 Updates: For the most up to date information, visit
    • Severe Illness or Injury: In case of severe illness or injury, or other emergency, every attempt will be made to notify parents immediately. In the event that a parent or guardian can’t be reached, staff will follow established DCL protocol to determine the appropriate course of action. Staff may take any of the following steps depending on the severity of the injury or illness:
      • Call 911.
      • On the advice of medical personnel, allow said personnel to transport the child via ambulance to the nearest medical facility, unless otherwise requested by the parent on the registration form.
      • Camp staff will complete a DCL incident form within 48 hours of a severe injury or emergency; the form will be available to the parent or guardian upon request.
    • Lost Child: In the event of a lost child, Camp staff will check the sign-out sheet and notify the appropriate library staff. DCL will secure entries and exits, and available staff will conduct a sweep of the building and grounds. If the child is not located, Camp staff will call 911 and notify a parent or guardian.
  23. Children’s Medications
  24. DCL staff and volunteers may not administer medications to any child during Camp. If a child needs to bring an EpiPen, inhaler, or something similar, the parent must request a medication form and turn it in prior to Camp.

  25. Transportation
  26. Children may be transported by ambulance in case of emergency. Off-site field trips requiring the transportation of children in other vehicles will not be conducted.

  27. Supervision
  28. DCL is committed to maintaining a 7:1 ratio of campers to staff. Staff includes paid DCL employees, Camp DCL volunteers (age 15 or older), and vendor-provided employees and volunteers.

  29. Personal Belongings
  30. Children may bring a bag or backpack into the Camp classroom, but must take it home with them each day. No secure personal item storage is available during Camp; please refrain from sending electronics or other valuables to Camp with your child.

  31. Meals and Snacks
  32. Full-day summer campers need to bring a nut-free lunch each day. DCL will provide light snacks, which will be given at designated times during Camp. Children may bring additional snacks if preferred. Please refrain from sending peanut products with campers; other allergies will be noted in a pre-Camp email sent to all parents or guardians.

  33. Locations
  34. Camp DCL will occupy spaces reserved exclusively for Camps. These spaces will be off-limits to the general public while Camp is in session. Some activities, particularly outdoor activities, will take place in spaces shared with other DCL guests and/or the general public (e.g., in parks, etc.). Campers will be supervised at all times when in general-use areas.

  35. Communication
  36. Parents and guardians will receive a pre-Camp email the week prior to the child’s Camp start date. It will include a basic daily Camp schedule (when possible), tips for the week, information about allergy concerns, etc. Parents and guardians are expected to read all Camp communications.