Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversees the business and affairs of the Foundation and the fundraising activities that are vital to supporting all of the programs and services of the district.

Tera Radloff, Chair

Tera Radloff


Appointed 2017

Jarrod Lassen, Vice-Chair

Jarrod Lassen


Appointed 2017

Shelly Humphreys, Director

Shelly Humphreys


Appointed 2017

Geoff Eliason, Director

Geoff Eliason


Appointed 2017

John Howe, Director

John Howe


Appointed 2017

Rochelle Logan, Director

Rochelle Logan


Appointed 2017

David Wikoff, Director

David Wikoff


Appointed 2017

Robert Pasicznyuk, Foundation Executive Director

Robert Pasicznyuk

Foundation Executive Director
Amber DeBerry, Director, Communications

Amber DeBerry

Director, Communications
Elaine McCain, Donor Relations

Elaine McCain

Donor Relations
Dave Anderson, Foundation Treasurer

Dave Anderson

Foundation Treasurer
Patti Owen-DeLay, Foundation Secretary

Patti Owen-DeLay

Foundation Secretary

Questions? Please contact the Foundation directly at (720) 348-9509.